SEO Sheffield – Why SEO Is Vital For Your Business

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that about 89% of British households have Internet access today. In comparison, only about 57% of households in the UK had Internet access in 2006. This effectively means that businesses in Sheffield should develop effective e-commerce strategies in order to tap into the growing number of Internet users. To achieve this goal, however, business needs more than just an online presence. More specifically, it also needs an effective SEO strategy. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why SEO is vital for your business:

SEO Sheffield – Improve Your Website’s Security

The aforementioned report published by the ONS found that over 52% of adults who regularly use the Internet only provide confidential personal information to sites that have implemented proper security measures such as data encryption. This is because consumers generally do not want to lose their hard-earned money to cybercriminals or become identity theft victims. In fact, research carried out by Wordfence in 2015 found that 45% of websites that are hacked by cybercriminals experience a 75% drop in traffic as well as a 9% drop in search results ranking. It is also worth noting that Google announced in 2014 that sites that use the HTTPS protocol would benefit from a minor ranking boost. Fortunately, an SEO expert can review your site’s security measures and recommend changes/solutions that will not only improve consumer confidence but also search results ranking.

Reach the Right Audience

To cater to a wide consumer base effectively, a business must focus its online marketing and brand awareness efforts on the right audience. This is particularly important because such efforts would help your business reduce its marketing costs as well as protect its online reputation. On this front, a Sheffield SEO company can help you identify the right consumer niche and target it with audience-specific content.

Improve Online Sales

Another set of figures from the report published by the ONS shows that 93% of consumers in Great Britain prefer local businesses when making online purchases. This is because local businesses generally fill and deliver customer orders much faster compared to competitors located outside Sheffield. Moreover, it is easier to verify the location and authenticity of a local business than one that is located in another city or country. With that in mind, an SEO specialist can help your business leverage this opportunity to boost sales leads and revenues.

SEO Sheffield – Content Optimisation

The content published on your company’s website plays a key role in determining its search results ranking. In particular, search engines including Google tend to rank sites with quality, relevant, and useful content much higher than sites that do not satisfy these content criteria. For these reasons, you should hire an SEO specialist who can help you develop a content strategy that enhances both your online brand visibility and revenue stream. For instance, about 60% of UK consumers with Internet access watch online video content at least once per month, according to research carried out by eMarketer. This makes video content a powerful tool for reaching and communicating with consumers.

Improve Site Design

Search engine optimisation experts can also review your site’s design and recommend ways of improving aspects such as color, on-page elements (buttons, links, and forms), and navigation. Site design is important because it plays a role in determining bounce rates, sales leads, and eventually revenues.


Sheffield businesses with an online presence should invest in SEO. The benefits of SEO include better site design, content optimisation, online sales improvement, and enhanced site security. If you run a business in Sheffield, contact us immediately for a quote and let our SEO experts with 20 years of experience improve your brand’s online visibility.