Best SEO Tools 2019

I’ve just posted a video about what we consider to be one of the best SEO tools in 2019. This will give you an insight into how we audit sites and work as an SEO agency.

Here is a transcription from the video;

Hello, its Jonathan here and in this video I wanted to reveal to you what we consider to be the absolute BEST SEO tool that’s available on the market right now. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner at SEO, or whether you’re very advanced and you may even own an SEO agency as we do; we’re an SEO agency. It really doesn’t matter what level you’re at with your SEO, SEMrush is absolutely the right tool for you to be using and I would go as far as to say it can be the only SEO tool that you need. It is a completely end to end for SEO from keyword research right the way through to technical audits and analysis and great for off page SEO as we’ll see in this video, and although a lot of people have probably heard of SEMrush before what may surprise you is the sheer range of features that are available once you dig down and once you start adding websites as projects the level of detail it gives back is absolutely phenomenal and it’s second to none.

So in this video I’m going to give you an overview of SEmrush but then in other video’s we’re going to dig down deeper and in the next videos my business partner and i are going to show you some of the more advanced and really make that you absolutely get the best for your money when it comes to Semrush and to really make sure that your website performs incredibly well off the back of using this SEO tool.

Just a little bit about us. We’ve been doing SEO for many years. Myself and my business partner James have been in SEO for a few years. I myself have been doing SEO for over 5 years and James is getting towards 10 years in SEO. So, we’ve been around the block and been around in SEO for quite a long time and we’ve actually been using SEMrush to some extent for many years now, but it was only really in the last 6-9 months that we’ve come to understand what this SEO tool is really capable of, and since we’ve done that we’ve added all of our clients into the software and it’s transformed the way we’ve actually set about ranking their sites. So when we say it’s the best SEO tool on the market right now I really mean that, and this is from a position of us using it on a day a day to day basis for ALL of our clients.

Now, we are creating this video resource as a free resource to help the SEO community we currently have 5 videos planned and we may add to that as well. But if you sign up to SEMRush using the link in the description we’ll give you some bonus material, which will be more advanced training on SEMrush, and we particularly want to cover off things like how to prioritise what tasks to do first. Because when you first start adding a project into semrush you’re bombarded with information and there’s a heck of a lot to learn and understand so it’s helpful to understand what to do first. We’ll also explain how to make improvements to things like technical aspects of website SEO for a relatively low cost- so we want to try and save you money and also get you up and running with the software as quickly as possible to get the maximum benefit. If by the end of all these videos you become a competent user of semrush and can get your website ranking as quickly as possible then we’ll feel like we’ve done a good job in delivering this training to you. So please feel free to use the link that’s in the description. It won’t cost you a penny more if you follow that link and as I say it will give you access to some more advanced training. You just need to contact us and we will be happy to give you access to that training.

So what exactly can this SEO tool do for your business and your website? Some of the more common uses for semrush are for keyword research, and if you’re not familiar with keyword research then what we’re talking about here is simply understanding what search phrases people are using to find your products and services. This really is the starting point of your SEO journey, you need to understand WHAT customers are typing into the search engines, such as Google and then once we understand that we can start to optimize our site for it. Semrush is a very good tool for that. If I jump over to the main dashboard now and I put in a website, let’s say Amazon. You would put your own website in here and it will give you a breakdown of keywords you already rank for. As we’ll see in later videos, you can also do this for competitors and in this way we can understand what they’re doing. Competitor analysis is a key feature of SEO and we’re going to show you how to do it in later videos. But this is really helpful information in understanding what keywords you already rank for and it also gives you the search volume here, so there’s the current ranking position, there’s the volume (which is the number of people per month searching for that keyword)and if you’re interested in doing paid advertising it also gives you an indication of what the cost per click is, so that can be really helpful information. So this is what I was using semrush for many years; in understanding keyword opportunities that exist on my own sites or my client sites, and then doing competitor analysis by throwing their URL into this tool and seeing what keywords they’re ranking for as well (and it’s really excellent for that, it’s one of the best SEO tools on the market for that). But this SEO tool can do so much more. So if you like what you’re seeing so far be sure to click the link below and subscribe to SEMrush so you can get started straight away.

Some of the more advanced features start to come to life when you add projects into the dashboard. So if you see down here it says Projects on the left-hand side and if I just switch over tabs, this is a project we’ve got for our own website, and this is the dashboard – the starting point of trying to better understand what opportunities are available to us and how our site is currently performing.

Firstly, there’s basic information on the basic health of the site, so our’s is 88%. It also gives things that can help to improve this score, and this includes any types of issues you might have with a site. Anything from crawl errors to missing H1 tags, to under optimized images, to dead pages and 404 errors. Everything you might expect to be contained with an SEO audit tool is within this one section and this is just one of the many many features you can get. So we’ve got a few things we need to be working on here, it’d be nice to get our health score about 90%, but 88% is a pretty good score. You can do rank tracking. So this helps you to understand where your website is currently ranking for the keywords that you’ve identified, so that’s an excellent tool, and again that’s something that you may be paying separately for and if you’ve got semrush you can cancel your rank tracking and just put it all into the one dashboard.
There are optimization ideas for your actual Onpage. You can see how you performing on social media, and there’s actually a social media poster, which we’re not using yet but this is something that’s quite new so we want to have a play with that and we may add a video about this at a later date. You can monitor your brand and mentions of your business. This is particularly helpful with reputation management where and why you’re getting mentions for your brand.

The backlink audit tool is really important, it’s one that we’re going to dig down into lots of detail. So, this will tell you what backlinks are pointing to your website and it will also give you an indication if there are any toxic backlinks, because even just tidying up your link profile can actually help you achieve better rankings, so that’s a hugely important tool, and you can integrate it with Google Webmaster tools as well. So you can actually import links into this if you have a list of links that you want to check. It integrates really nicely with search console.

Now link building – this is probably my favourite tool. We’re going to get further into this tool in later videos. But this actual analysis your competitor’s backlinks. If you just add your keywords into the tool it will give you a list of keywords you can actually go out there and build. Based on what your competitors have got.Not only, but it will also tell you how easy those links are to achieve and it will categorise them as well. So it will tell you if the link is a blog comment, or a forum post, or a guest blogging opportunity; it breaks down all these possible link building opportunities and makes it as easy as possible. So, there, no real guesswork involved, all you need to do is follow the list and go out there and get as many of the links on that list as you possibly can and your site will perform incredibly well.

There are PCC tools, so if you’re doing paid advertising that’s excellent for helping you run the best possible for campaigns.
There’s an ads builder that actually helps you build text ads. There are traffic insights, which connects to Google analytics and then there’s a content analyzer tool as well that helps you identify useful content, especially things like guest blogging opportunities and things like that.

So as you can see, there’s a huge range of tools here that you can use, and what we were finding is that we had subscriptions for lots of individual tools. We had an Onpage audit tool, we had rank tracking tools, we had link building tools, we had link audit tools that were very expensive, and we had reporting tools. Whereas now we can pretty much do everything from one dashboard. It’s completely streamlined our whole operation and as I say it’s pretty much end to end, there’s not a lot that you can’t do with this software. From keyword research right through to going out finding link opportunities and building those links.

Hopefully, you’re starting to understand now why we see this as one of the best SEO tools on the market today, and why it’s become such an important part of our agency. So no matter if you’re working on a small budget and you want one tool that can do everything, or you’re an agency and you want to start putting all of your clients into this dashboard, whatever position you’re in, I highly recommend that you use this SEO tool, it is the swiss army knife of SEO software and pretty much will get you to the point with your SEO where you cannot fail- as long as you systematically work through what this software is telling you, by the time you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities in here your website should be performing incredibly well, which of course means much more traffic to the website, which means more sales, and higher revenue and profits.

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I hope you enjoyed this video, bye for now.